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Regulatory Information

TFC Investment Management LLP is registered in England and Wales (company number OC359590) and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 538927 and Legal Entity Identifier 213800QVQBQKZGJV7284) and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) with number ZA029097.
TFC Capital LLP is registered in England and Wales (company number OC384499).


The founding partners of TFC have worked together for the last 22 years consecutively.

They have successfully invested and exited from €8 billion of investments since 1992.

The partners have a strong Entrepreneurial track record;

  • Established from ground zero a business which over 15 years became the global market leading trading and sales business in its niche, generating €4.39bn of revenues and €3.65bn of cash profits during the period for which they directly responsible for the business (it has remained highly profitable in the subsequent years)

  • Established 3 new businesses since 2011, all trading profitably

  • Have backed or supported the development of 3 further businesses since 2012

The partners were the most senior professionals in their disciplines at their previous firm and have over 60 years of combined experience in their areas of specialism.


TFC uses the unrivalled and proven combination of skills and experience of its partners, obtained over the last 22 years at the highest level of operation in the international financial markets, to deliver a superior service to its clients.

The partners have spent their careers specialising in;

  1. Directly acquiring control, or helping others to acquire control, of businesses through multiple processes and methods
  2. Achieving, or facilitating for others, the most efficient exit valuation from an investment
  3. Determining whether, in what form and on what terms a company can access finance
  4. Determining the best way for a company to approaching the market to access finance
  5. Value investing through a highly disciplined and proven methodology that they have developed


  • A seasoned team with decades of experience across four economic cycles
  • A proven formula which has lead to the successful deployment of €8 billion of capital over 20 years with annualised returns exceeding 20%
  • Consistent track-record for sourcing profitable investment opportunities
  • Clearly articulated investment strategy and lore
  • Deal by deal investment structure

  • Unrivalled breadth of practical corporate finance experience and knowledge: have structured and placed bank debt, bonds and equity
  • Hands on and direct experience as a Principal in Project Management: Financial Close Documentation; EPC structuring, review and negotiation; Contractor Documentation structuring and negotiation
  • Unrivalled inter-creditor negotiating skill and experience at the highest level in the international financial markets
  • Excellent track-record with investors across entire financing spectrum: banks, debt funds, equity investors

Transaction Experience

Equity Capital
Debt Capital

  • Directly involved with 243 changes of ownership
  • Lead and directed the negotiations on 85 complex corporate reorganisations, some of them undertaken through multiple jurisdictions
  • Participated in over 600 corporate reorganisations
  • Directed or participated in the M&A or capital markets exits of over 80 corporate reorganisations

In the Public Markets,;

  • Directly involved with 21 re-listings / IPO’s
  • Created “when and if” issued grey markets in 6 re-listings
  • Have evaluated the “trade sale” versus “IPO” valuation argument for over 30 companies

In the Private Equity arena;

  • Acquired controlling stakes in 28 companies
  • Negotiated transition of ownership of 14 companies to new PE owners
  • Exited from all controlling stakes acquired prior to 2012
  • Directly negotiated Shareholder / Investment Agreements for 27 companies
  • Acquired minority stakes in over 100 private companies

In the Public Markets;

  • Involved in the pricing decision on over 300 new corporate bond issues
  • Directly negotiated terms with the Issuer on 4 new issue bonds
  • Directly negotiated the restructuring terms with 44 Issuers

In the Private Bank Debt market;

  • Responsible for over €40 billion of bank debt transfers
  • Directly negotiated terms with the Issuer on 32 new issue bank facilities
  • Directly negotiated or facilitated the restructuring terms with over 300 Issuers of bank facilities
  • Underwritten and distributed 10 new issue bank facilities for corporates

  • Directly negotiated the commercial terms of construction contracts (FIDIC)
  • Negotiated the commercial terms of equipment supply contracts (FIDIC and bespoke) for major items of capital equipment on behalf of companies

  • Each TFC partner previously became the most senior professional in their discipline at their previous employer, serving on the Executive Committee of a top 5 Investment Bank
  • Over 350 staff directly hired and successfully managed, retained and incentivised over 20 years
  • Successful succession planning during tenure and on exit from Investment Bank
  • Directly responsible for the design, specification and roll out of three technology platforms
  • Directly responsible for the design and creation of policies, procedures and process for the relevant business areas at three financial institutions
  • Responsible for the successful implementation of both management KPI and financial accounting systems at 7 entities

Fundamental Analysis - TFC Industry Experience

Where TFC has previously managed a significant investment or provided a transaction service

Aeolian Dynamics

On-shore wind-farm developer

Channel Cable Ltd

UK - France interconnection project


Domestic fuel cell CHP


Domestic fuel cell CHP

Teesside Gas Processing Plant Ltd

Gas Liquids extraction plant

Severn Power Ltd

840MW UK Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station

Drax Plc

4,000 MW coal / bio-mass power station

British Energy Plc

Nuclear power plant operator

Eggborough Power Ltd

2,000 MW coal fired power station


Lehman Brothers

Global investment bank

MF Global

Global brokerage business

Equitable Life

UK life insurance business


Global life insurance business

Confederation Life

Global life insurance business

Barings Plc

Global investment bank



Fixed link concessionaire between the UK and France

Air Canada

Canadian flag carrier

My Travel

Budget package tour operator


Swiss diversified flag carrier



Greek fixed line and mobile operator

Virgin Media

UK cable TV operator


Telecom electronics / internet manufacture and service business


Telecom electronics / internet manufacture and service business


Swiss cable TV business

Callahan NRW

German cable TV business


Pan European cable TV business



Global power and transportation engineering firm


Global construction, engineering and contracting company


Global engineering business

Legal Information

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Corporate Information

The Registered Office of TFC Investment Management LLP and TFC Capital LLP is at 21 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3HH.